Inspiration: PAX

As you’re reading this, I’m probably at PAX Prime!  PAX is an annual gaming convention here in Seattle, and it’s absolutely a blast!  Thousands of people getting together to play and discuss games of all sorts.  Video games, board games, tabletop games… anyone who’s even remotely interested in gaming would have a fantastic time there.   I’m not even a hard core video gamer, but I enjoy myself there thoroughly. (They have rooms filled with board games for you to check out and try.  It’s pretty much the best.)


Anyway, in honor of PAX Prime this week, let’s get our geek on and look at some super cool videogame inspired knits:

From Zelda:

The Legend of Baby Link, by Joanna Rankin

1Finley_as_Robin_Hood_medium[1]From Minecraft:

Cute Creeper, by Krista Sodt


From Portal:

Knitted Companion Cube, by Wren Montgomery

6279582438_0e038740f6_bFrom Space Invaders:

bmp, bu Aija Goto


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