So Fluffy!

I was lucky enough to spend last week at a family reunion up on Whidbey Island.  We rented a gigantic house (think “The Godfather”) and spent the week hiking, beachcombing and generally having a fantastic time.

But one of my favorite things we did was to visit Fern Ridge Alpaca Farm, which was near where we were staying.  We got to meet a whole mess of alpacas (probably about 20 or so).  They are adorable little(ish) dudes.  We got to feed them and pet them.  They are ridiculously fluffy.


Did you know that alpacas are often raised with guard llamas?  That’s something I learned.  They’re fierce (although they look like they need a good set of braces)!


I was able to buy the softest, most beautiful chocolate brown yarn, and a big bag of light gray roving from the super friendly owners of the farm.


The best part was that I got to meet Electra, the alpaca that my yarn came from.  She was super pregnant, skittish, and a little dopey looking.  But I’ll give her some leeway, since she produced such beautiful yarn!


Now I just have to come up with something really special to make from her yarn.  250 yards of worsted weight Alpaca.  I’m thinking something with cables.  Any thoughts?

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