Inspiration: Castle

I’ll admit it, like most people who watch Castle, it took me a couple years before I really started to get into the show.  The real reason I started watching it was because Firefly had been canceled (so sad), and I wanted to watch something with my favorite space-cowboy-pirate in it.  Nathan Fillion doesn’t play the same character, but this did happen in season two, and it’s pretty delightful:

But, I suppose you came here for the knitwear, so here you go:



Super cute, right?  It’s a pullover with set-in sleeves and a hood (I think, though it might be a sailor collar.  Would you believe that she doesn’t turn around the whole episode?  Seriously infuriating.), and a great chunky cable running up the front.   The cable up the front is actually made of two smaller cables that mirror one another, then when it reaches the hood, the cables split and continue up the hood, which looks pretty cool. And, while this is clearly a store-bought sweater, you could make one yourself pretty easily.  Here are a couple sweaters with similar shapes:

Mountain V-Neck Sweater by Kathy Cea (This is the right cable, but the sweater shape is perhaps better suited for a man)

Bitter End by Kayla Dyches

Granville by Fiona Ellis

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