Woo!  It’s me!  Again!  For the 400th time!

I’ve been writing this blog for more than 2 and a half years, three times a week.  Posts start to stack up.  There’s a part of me that wants to print it all out, just to see how much paper it would use.

But that’s crazy.

(And a waste of paper.)

Instead, let’s talk about my second-favorite thing (apart from knitting and writing about knitting): TV.

Sincef I’ve done 400 posts, let’s see what shows have had more than 400 episodes.  (Of course, this is according to this website, so who knows how accurate these counts are.)

Bonanza (apparently) ran for 430 episodes.  (I remember watching the beginning of this show hundreds of times as a kid when it came on after Little House on the Prairie, but I don’t think I ever actually watched it.)

161430-bonanza-bonaza[1]Law and order is still one of my favorite mindless TV binge-watching shows, and at 456 episodes, there’s lots to binge on.

law-and-order_510[1]I loved the Simpsons from middle school through high school and would watch reruns after school almost every day.  I memorized quotes and learned every character’s backstory… yes, I might be a bit of a nerd.  Now, with 541 episodes, I’ve got quite a lot to catch up on.The_Simpson__s_Family_by_Simpsonix[1]And Lassie wins the episode race with 588 episodes over almost 20 years.  This surprised me, as I’m pretty sure the few episodes I saw as a kid were all basically the same.  But, I suppose that could be said for a lot of TV shows.7ad9c765f42de0847bf1a3fafeca067f[1]I’ve only got 188 more posts before I overtake Lassie!

Inspiration: Sick Day

Ugh…  I am feeling super under the weather today.  I’ll spare you the details (because ew), but suffice it to say that I kind of want to go back to bed and curl up with a cup of tea and a handful of Rolaids.  Blergh.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling poorly, nothing sounds better than snuggling up under a literal pile of knitting.

Let’s start with a simple, cozy pullover.  I kind of super want to make this sweater.

Undone by Jen GeigleyDSC_7173_medium2[1]Then pile on a big old cabled scarf- the kind that is so fluffy just your eyes peek out over top.

Celtic Cable Scarf by Martin Storeyceltic_20cable_20web_20cov_medium2[1]And finish this sick-day ensemble with a simple textured blanket.  This would be great wrapped around your shoulders while you heated up water for a third cup of peppermint tea, or tucked around your legs while sitting on the couch.  Delightful!

Chloe Blanket by Libby Summers

chloebeige_medium[1]Well, I’m about ready to go back to sleep.  What do you do on your sick days?

Inspiration: Shark Attack!

Remember a couple months ago when I was mildly obsessed with these mermaid tails?

1962699_10153195383503330_642696267624178778_n[1]Well, I’ve gotten a new obsession, and I think it’s even cooler.


Bulky & Quick Shark Blanket by MJ’s Off The Hook Designs003_medium2[1]So fun, right?

Someone posted this to my Facebook wall a while ago, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them for weeks.

Fast and Easy Shark Tail Blanket by Sheila Hunt11781678_10153449629468632_5745988423847236629_n_medium2[1]They’re essentially the same as the mermaid tail blankets, but much more bad-ass.   (Just look at those sharp, sharp teeth!)

Can I justify spending the time and money on something as silly as a shark attack blanket and still conciser myself a grown-up?


An Ode to Knitting Slow

turtle[1]Take your time.

Go slow.




The rasp of wool

on wooden needles.

Soft alpaca

against tired fingers.

Sip tea

and work




No deadline.

No pressure.

Just wool and needles and lots of time.

I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but…

Christmas is 4 months from yesterday.

maxresdefault[1]You have been warned.

You are now free to panic.

Yarn Spotlight: Island Fibers

So last week, when I told you about Lopez Island, I kind of buried the lead.  Sure, there were seals, and beautiful scenery and all that.  But what about the yarn?

Lopez is home to flocks and flocks of lovely island sheep.

And where there are lovely island sheep, there is lovely island yarn.

Island Fibers, to be precise.

We stopped at a farmer’s market and I picked up a huge (I’m talking gigantic) skein of gorgeous hand-dyed single-ply wool in subtle shades of blue.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI spent a couple hours winding it into a ball this weekend (it’s that big).  So now, I’ve got a fantastic nearly-head-sized ball of yarn that’s itching to be used.

I’m thinking it might have to end up being a cropped cardigan to be worn over my favorite summer dresses.  (When you live in Seattle, you get used to wearing cute sun dresses with thick tights, rain boots and winter coats.  Otherwise, you never get to wear them.)

I made up a swatch, and it is just the prettiest!   Look at those colors!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd at 4-ish stitches to the inch, I bet the sweater will just fly off the needles!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen’s the last time you bought a skein of yarn on the spur of the moment?

Knitting Fast: A quick poem

flat,550x550,075,f[1]Deadlines and patterns and projects to do,

Notebooks and printouts, I’ve more than a few.

More than ten projects that need to get done,

But into my free time, I can fit only one.

I push myself, make my needles go faster,

 Hope that this sweater won’t be a disaster!

Husband Sweater: Finished… Well, sort of.

It’s done! It’s done!

Well- mostly.

I cast off the last sleeve last Friday, after months of stagnation.  (Sorry, husband!)  It’s done!

I wove in the ends and, miracle of miracles, it fits!  Woo Hoo!

11905401_10105373908271560_3140276053640019237_n[1]It looks great, and fits like a glove, and the cotton is so lovely and soft.

WP_20150815_002And it only took me 8 months.  (Oy!)

Of course, it’s still missing one very important thing:  the zipper.

I went to get a zipper at Jo-Ann’s over the weekend, but they were closed due to a power outage from a thunderstorm(!) earlier in the day.  So my husband has been wearing the sweater sans zipper for the last few days.  At least he likes it.

The moment I get a chance to go back to Jo-Ann’s I’m zipping over there as fast as I can!

What’s the last project that took you way longer than it should have?

Inspiration: Lopez Island

This weekend, my husband, my pup and I went on an impromptu trip up to the islands, and it was amazing!

We visited Lopez Island, which sounds like it should be in the Carribean, off the coast of Mexico, but is actually a tiny farming and fishing community in the Straight of Juan de Fuca, north of the Olympic Peninsula and just south of Canada.

11855703_10105373881011190_512339032138616691_n[1]We took the ferry early Saturday morning and got thoroughly windblown.

11892211_10105373886694800_5031709288030769796_n[1]But I think Ollie enjoyed himself.  So many new smells for him to sniff!  He’s actually still recovering.

11899871_10105373918605850_8950944109210116740_n[1]We hiked along beaches and clambered over rocks.  We saw seals and schools of tiny silver fish and jumping Pink Salmon.

It was a lovely break from the city.  Cool, overcast and perfect PNW weather.

It makes me want to get out my needles and make some island-appropriate gear for when I move up to the islands.   Which definitely is going to happen.  Someday.

Island Wools Swirl Hat by Julie Packard

swirlhat_medium2[1]Bandana Cowl by Purl Soho6235518543_46ba4d5d58_z[1]Fiona Coat by Justyna Lorkowska

Swans Island yarn Fair Isle hand knits

Where is your favorite place to visit on a day trip?

Inspiration: Twin Trouble

One of my dear friends just gave birth to not one, but two adorable little baby boys!  So, let’s all say a big warm welcome to the twins!  (And congratulations to their amazing (and probably exhausted) parents!)

In honor of the boys, let’s take a look at some double-trouble patterns!

This lovely afghan features entwined twin trees is so beautiful, a real heirloom in the making… but you’d have to make two, one for each of the boys… and that’s a lot of work.

Twin Trees Afghan by Shirley Rhyne


These fraternal twin hats are completely darling!

Twin Baby Hats by Shayna Bright


These sweaters are freaking fantastic!  Twin Power!

Twin Power Sweaters by Sarah E. White05.01_medium[1]Welcome to the world, baby boys!  I can’t wait to hang out with you and teach you how to knit (you know, once you master the language, sitting up, and all those little skills).