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Inspiration: Call the Midwife

Have you watched this show?  Holy crap, it’s so good!  It’s one of these BBC costume dramas that show up on PBS sometimes.  Beautiful costumes and sets, great characters, compelling stories. Look for it. Watch it. It’ll make you cry. Every. Episode.

It really should be called “Call the Midwife: Why You Should Never Get Pregnant.”  Seriously, nothing ends well.  Actually, that’s not true.  Most things end well, but they are very scary, gross, and/or painful in the middle.

But, really, the stars of the show are the fantastic hand-knits the babies are all wrapped up in.  Look at these!

Gorgeous, right?

Feeling inspired?  Have a friend who’s expecting?  Considering a career in midwifery? Try these patterns for a similar result:

Baby Cardigan/Shrug by Julia Noskova

Saartje’s Bootees by Saartje de Bruijn

Lullaby Layette by Lion Brand Yarn

Inspiration: Top Chef

Say what you will about reality TV, but sometimes even on dumb TV shows you get good knitting inspiration.  A couple weeks ago (I think… I’m woefully behind on my TV watching), on Top Chef, the contestants went on a cruise, and during the QuickFire Challenge judge Curtis Stone wore this sweater:

Good, right?  Even my husband pointed it out.  Either my obsessive eagle-like searching for knitting has rubbed off on him, or this is a pretty cool sweater.

It’s a fairly simple cardigan with set-in sleeves and a shawl collar. The twist comes with the texture of the knitting.  The collar is not just knit plain, but in fact consists of great big cables.  The body is (I think) worked in seed stitch.  If you wanted to make something similar, try modifying these patterns:

Brownstone by Jared Flood

Charcoal Ribbed Cardigan by Kate Kuckro

Gramps Cardigan by Kate Oates

Inspiration: Downton Abbey

I hate Downton Abbey.  Also, I love Downton Abbey.  It’s so awful and so great.  I know you guys are totally into it too.  It’s such a soap opera, but they have fancy British accents and it’s on PBS, so it makes you think that you’re watching something smart.  And then you get all attached to the characters, and then BAM! Spanish flu.  BAM! Eclampsia.  BAM! Car accident.  It messes with my brain.

The one real problem I have with the show, however, is its lack of hand knits.  For real!  The costumes are all so gorgeous and richly textured and (one assumes) historically accurate.  How can there be no knitting?   Maybe knitting was out of vogue with the richie-rich of the early 20th century.


Even if the Grantham sisters don’t really wear any knitting, you can still make some Downton-inspired knitting projects:

Aeolian Shawl by Elizabeth Freeman

Annis by Susanna IC

Old Town by Carol Sunday