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I’m completely heartbroken.  My hopes have been dashed.  My best plans of a simple, fun, and easy sweater are completely falling apart.

My yarn came in the mail.  (Actually it came in the mail a few weeks ago, but I was so disappointed, I threw it into the closet and pretended it hadn’t showed up yet.)  Usually new yarn is a source of joy, but ugh…


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOK, it’s kind of hard to see in a photo, but take a closer look:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe ball of yarn on the left is the new yarn- it’s significantly more blue-gray.  And the half-finished sweater is on the right- it’s a lovely pink-y lavender.

I know they look pretty similar in these photos (it’s been established my photography skills are lacking), but in real life, they’re significantly different.  Even my husband commented.  I’ve got the whole sweater finished with the old yarn, except for the left sleeve.  I can’t have a sweater with one different color arm!

This, boys and girls, is why you buy all your yarn at once.

Now I’m going to go drink a lot of coffee and come up with a plan.

Inspiration: Happy Picnic Day!

Happy 4th of July, folks!  What’s more American than the 4th of July?  Not much.  (Maybe apple pie?)  And do you know what my favorite part of the 4th is?  Eating a picnic with friends.

We’re having our friends over this afternoon (along with their sleepy dog and their adorable twins), so my husband and I have spent the morning working on cook-out food and collecting every single blanket we’ve got so that we can hang out on the lawn with babies, dogs and yummy barbecue.  (We’ll probably have to fight off the dogs for the barbecue.  We might have to fight off the babies, too… they’re surprisingly grabby.)

It turns out, we have lots of different blankets- quilts, fleece blankets, flannel sheets, even a serape I got when I lived in Texas, but it turns out our blanket collection is sorely lacking a traditional gingham picnic blanket!  Crazy!

il_570xN.454792274_1m53[1]I don’t think I have time to whip one up before our friends come over (after all, I still have to make lemonade), but maybe I can make a gingham blanket for next year’s cookout.

This blanket is simple- made from three colors of granny squares, and I do love a good granny square.

Gingham Checks by Carole Priorcom.leisurearts.804670_1_original__75379.1402454055.1280.1280_small_best_fit[1]This is a pretty cool crochet pattern.  I can’t quite tell how it was worked, but I love the finished project.  You could make a whole set- pillows and a blanket.

Gingham Pillows by Lily Sugar’n Cream570827-rugpillows-blues_medium[1]Or, if you’re not a crocheter, this super classy oversized gingham blanket would be perfect. (And how cute is that dog?!)

Gingham Knit Blanket by Martha Stewart Design TeamMarthaGinghamBlanket1_medium[1]Happy 4th!  And happy picnicking!

Summertime, and the living is… muggy

It’s officially been summer for about a week, and it is officially summer.  It’s hot and muggy and there isn’t even a breeze.

(OK, fair enough, it’s “Seattle Hot”, so it’s in the mid-to-upper 70s.  But I’m officially a hot-weather weenie, so it’s hot to me.)

Ollie agrees- he needs a haircut, and is impatient for us to fill up his kiddie pool.13495497_10106435157559480_5717683599402702824_o (1)I’m currently working on a big cabled sweater (a Christmas gift for someone, so I can’t tell you about it) which is just too much to be knitting right now.  All that wool!

What I’d like to be working on is something light and breezy.  Something at a tiny lace gauge.  A lovely, summery tank top.

This tank is simple, drapey and lovely.  If I worked in an office, it would be super cute to wear with a blazer or a light cardigan.

Bonny by tincanknitsIMG_4731-ed-sm_medium2[1]I love the little details on this top- the tiny cap sleeves, the delicate lace at the hem, the split sides.  So cute!

22.2 Top with lace edges by Karen Noe22.1-Top-m_medium2[1]I love the all-over lace and the flattering, swing-y shape.  I would totally wear the heck out of this tank.

Just a Wisp by Pamela SchwabDSC_6755_medium2[1]I can’t wait to finish the big sweater so that I can make myself a new tank top or two.

What summery projects do you like to make?